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Step-by-Step: Starting a Private Practice in AZ🌵

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"... but where do I even start?" When I started my own practice in 2021, I was so excited and couldn't wait to get things going. I quickly realized that finding answers was not quite the simple, straightforward task it was made out to me. After countless hours researching, trainings, and any networking event I could find, I felt overwhelmed and confused. How could this be so difficult for me? Did I skip this class in grad school? And why there isn't there some sort of basic guide to organize the info and get me started? So, here it is. This course is the result of all that time and research plus my desire to help others have a much easier time getting started. Rules and businesses change over time, so please feel free to use your own judgement (in fact, I insist you do!) when it comes to any suggestions in this course. There's no guarantee you will have all the answers or be perfectly successful by completing this course, but you WILL have a well-researched, detailed framework to get you started. Take a breath. Take your time. And happy learning! 💕





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